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i hope this does get a full official release! i really like the unique story and setting ^-^

This game is very promising! Looking forward for the official release :)

vai ter continuação?

Yes! ^^ It's on Steam too! :)

Ótimo jogo mesmo amei, so queria saber o final

I can't launch the game. Neither download actually has a game file.

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Hi, Darklord! I think your antivirus is probably putting the game's exe in quarantine, it's probably being looked at as a false positive. My suggestion is to try deactivating the antivirus and re-download the game and also be sure to whitelist either the game's folder or the exe file :)

This was a super fun game that I enjoyed a ton! Looking forward to the full release :)

Wow, that's an amazing speedrun, Eddventure! 15 minutes is quite an impressive feat :) Thank you so much for this, it made my day^^

The game is really interesting and the puppeteer system is really unique. I'd make a quick tutorial on how the doll system works when you pick up a doll. Otherwise great game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you, Levont! * _ * I really liked it, you've been very careful with the enemies and with what needed to be done!

I'll see about implementing a quick tutorial. Fullscreen is actually possible with the ALT+ENTER combination (the resolution is just for the windowed mode), but I'll probably add an option in the Options menu as well.
Thank you again! :)

I do alot of horror and thrillers. It's pretty rare for something to give me the creeps, but this did it. Hope to see more. 

Some of the spaces you can and can't walk are confusing, especially with the dead trees and southern cave walls. Might be an area to look at.


Thank you so much, SamuraiJones!
This was my first attempt at making a Horror game. I'm glad to know I nailed it!

I'll fix the issues you have reported to me. Stay in touch for the full release of the game! :)

Thank you again!


Very good boulder sprites


Hehehe xD

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I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but it looks so good, downloading it and I'm probably going to edit this comment after I played it.


Thank you so much, Vilibuster! Let me know :)